The ONLY State of Decay 2 Guide You Ever Need

In this guide, we will take a look at all the aspects and mechanics of state of decay 2 and will learn the best possible ways to accomplish each thing. Destroying plague hearts, killing Ferals and Juggernauts, killing hostile enclaves, gathering resources, best weapons, best skills, cheesy tricks, weapon efficiencies and a lot of other tips and tricks including beginner tips and veteran tricks. So basically this will be the only state of decay 2 guide you need to learn everything.

Music in this video: Tropic Fuse

0:00 Contents of this Video
0:27 Tip 1: How to Escape the Bloater Spawns?
0:50 Tip 2: 8+ Members in base is not possible
1:16 Tip 4: Beware of XXL Horde in Lethal Zone
1:40 Tip 5: Do wooden fences damage cars?
1:50 Tip 6: Cars are the best weapons in the game
2:21 Bonus Tip: How to access all the Bounty packs?
2:33 Tip 7: How to use cars the best?
3:16 Tip 8: Facts about max Stealth
3:35 Tip 9: How to use explosives against Hearts?
4:04 Tip 10: 7.62mm is pointless against Juggernauts
4:29 Tip 11: Facts about 50 Cal rifles
5:11 Tip 12: The best gun for our followers
5:50 Tip 13: Bring followers without getting them killed
6:20 Tip 14: Base members finding tip
6:48 Tip 15: How to survive in a fresh community?
7:23 Tip 16: Stamina management
8:18 Tip 17: Truth about “Stuck” Command
8:30 Tip 18: Outposts Management
8:48 Bonus Tip: How to get 7 outposts?
9:02 Tip 19: How to fight the Blood Plague?
9:43 Tip 20: Don’t panic when your car catches fire
10:24 Bonus Tip: Cheaper way to craft repair toolkits
10:31 Tip 21: Why Gun Durability doesn’t matter?
11:25 Tip 22: How to get advanced muzzle attachments?
11:46 Tip 23: Do Plague hearts get stronger every time?
12:20 Tip 24: The best ways to destroy the plague hearts
14:10 Tip 25: The best way to kill the blood feral packs
15:04 Tip 26: The best ways to kill the juggernauts
16:11 Tip 27: The best ways to kill the hostile enclaves
16:51 Tip 28: The best ways to gather resources cheap and quick
18:20 Tip 29: Weakness of Freak zombies
19:02 Tip 30: Quicker way to boost morale
19:24 Tip 31: How to claim base without enough members?
19:38 Tip 32: Which suppressor is the best?
20:02 Tip 33: Tips for solo survivor runs
20:26 Tip 34: How to get Super fast stealth?
20:58 Tip 35: How to farm parts?
21:27 Tip 36: How to bring parts to the next community?
21:58 Tip 37: How to get more mysterious traders?
22:26 Tip 38: How to farm good guns?
22:46 Tip 39: Facts about Survey car
23:13 Tip 40: How to farm influence and plague samples?
23:38 Tip 41: How to build all the leader facilities in base?
23:56 Tip 42: The best way to level up the skills
24:25 Tip 43: How to avoid the fall damage?
24:43 Tip 44: Bait followers & mobile traders
25:04 Tip 45: The best sniper support
25:45 Tip Bundle
25:55 Tip 46-1: Facts about Salvaging guns
26:05 Tip 46-2: Simple trick to fight the zombie hordes
26:20 Tip 46-3: How to pop the sleeping bloaters?
26:29 Tip 46-4: Do injuries reduce the carrying capacity?
26:45 Tip 46-5: Drucker county shortcut map
26:54 Tip 46-6: How to open the locked doors?
27:03 Tip 46-7: How to throw the incendiaries accurately?
27:12 Tip 46-8: State of Decay 2 Time Lapse


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