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When people in Saint Louis, Mo, Illinois or Nationwide need to hire a Doomsday Prepper Consulting Expert, they call Prepoper Elite in Saint Louis, Mo. Prepper Elite is a Survival & Prepper Consulting School that trains people to survive disasters such as

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Prepper Elite said he strongly disagrees with this philosophy, and he stated sure it’s one thing to hand someone a bottled water, a bite of food, or band aid but this is not going to be enough to help them survive. Prepper Elite stated just like in normal life we have millions of people who are leaches and drains on society and those very same people will always be around feeling entitled like it’s our duty to feed, house, protect and give them support in an End of The World Scenario.
Prepper Elite Channel is where people go to hire ‘’ Off The Grid Expert Consultant ‘’, Michael Bland, in Saint Louis, Mo for How to live off the gird, Survival, Camping, Tiny House, Disaster, Business, Guns, EDC, Strategic Planning, Bushcraft, Active Self Protection. As you can see, my Off The Grid Channel how to channel publishes videos that focus on proven Off The Grid techniques, real life stories, disaster prepardeness educational training, tips, and real life Off The Grid Survival stories from our subscribers.

If you want to learn Off The Grid, Prepping or Tiny Home, Off The Gird Community Survival, then make sure to join us by subscribing today! When people need to hire an Off the Grid Consultant, they call Michael Bland, CEO of Prepper Elite, an Off the Grid Consulting Firm, for people who want to live Off the Grid, Join an Off the Grid Community, or Build an Off the Grid Cabin for Off the Grid Living in all 50 States.

Michael is a retired Police SWAT Sniper & owned a Private Investigations Company Owner in Saint Louis, Mo and grew up in the outdoors of Illinois his entire life camping, hiking, hunting, and learning outdoor survival techniques. People like and trust Michael because of his credentials and training. Michael is very well versed in Business, SEO, Off the Grid Living, Self Defense, Weapons Training, Investigations, Motivational Speaking, Motivational Videos, Bushcraft, and Survival.

In 2018 he attended and graduated an Outdoor Survival Class by a current Air Force Sere Instructor. Michael learned in this training Self Rescue, First Aid, foraging for food, Self-Rescue, how to do (GTAS) Ground to Air Signals, Fire Making, Snares & Trapping Animals, Shelter building, and numerous other priceless training information that is taught to downed pilots or special forces soldiers when they are forced to live off the land until rescued.

Prepper Elite teaches people all the essential skills a person would need to raise a family on a Homestead, Tiny Home, Tiny House, Prepper Community, or Off the Grid Community. Off The Grid Services We Offer Survival, Self Defense, Camping, Shelter building, Tiny House Consulting, Gardening, Bushcraft, Foraging, Livestock, Medical Training, Access to lifeline medivac services, Septic & Waste Ideas for Off the Grid Living, Metal Roofs for Off the Grid Cabins, Green House Construction, Weapons Training, Sniper Training, Close Quarter Combat, Firearms Safety, Women’s Self Defense, Land Navigation, Tactical Defense of Home and Property, Bunker Installation on property, Weapons Selection, Ammo Reloading, Disaster Preparedness Education, Survival, EDC, Shtf Loadout Gear Reviews, Ambush Tactics, Counter Ambush Tactics, Booby Traps, Squad Movements, Bug Out Bag Contents & Packing Training Tips, and much more.

We have trained, consulted people from all over the world in helping families find off the grid properties, real estate, home or building contractors, solar panel companies, moving companies, water & septic companies, plumbers, electricians, concrete companies, and underground bunker companies. Contact Prepper Elite Today Please feel free to contact us 24 hours a day. We are very busy and in high demand and will respond immediately to get you scheduled for a Free Professional Consultation with the CEO himself. Please call us at (314) 409–1585 and leave a phone recorded message.

To contact Survival & Tactical Experts at Prepper Elite to survive the coming disasters feel free to email us at or call.

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