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Prepping For SHTF? Forget This And You Will Lose Your mind. Many preparedness minded folks watch Canadian Prepper, Alaska Prepper, Angry Prepper, along with our channel here at Riverside homestead and other preppers get good tips at pinball preparedness, md creekmore and even patrick humphrey is keeping people on their toes with awareness, but along with watching all these prepping channels and preparedness information of world crisis events happening in the world will come along with alot of bad news, the news that has inspired all us preppers and emergency preparedness people to be prepping and stockpiling emergency preparations for SHTF events that are coming sooner than later. We have seen the food shortages, the empty shelves, the super high inflation, and the hyperinflation is growing by the day! Hard times are what most economists are predicting and warning people to prepare for, but during all of this bad news, and crisis you must remember while being a prepper or a readiness minded individual; you must do your preps and then live life, be sure your home is in order and don’t forget to live life! You can easily incorporate prepping as i did in this video at the same time as having a great time making wonderful memories and also adding to your preps.

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Like I said people watch different preppers Alaska prepper and pinball preparedness, even angry prepper and MD Creekmore, people even watch Patrick Humphrey for awareness and up-to-date news and economic updates, a lot of times this will come with a lot of bad news for preppers prepping for SHTF, even if you’re not prepping, or super into preparedness, or even if you don’t know what SHTF means, this news can still put you in a bad mood and you can get involved in a habit of doing too much not feeling like you have any time to make time for yourself and good memories and having fun, don’t get overwhelmed with this stuff, make sure To do your homework get your preps in order get your home in order and take time for yourself and enjoy life.

A lot of these doomsday preppers don’t take a moment for themselves and do some things that they enjoy they constantly are prepping as preppers and building up their proper pantry much like Canadian prepper giving out tons of bad news, but never talking about having fun very often, having fun and living life is a huge part of being alive, you have to remember to prep hard and Have fun. As you know many preppers or preppers 2022 prepping for 2022 making sure they have a handle on preparedness this is those that are interested in emergency preparedness, watching lots of prepper videos in 2022 because this is a rough year, prepper videos are all over the place, putting out a heck of a lot of bad news which could easily put someone in depression panic or bad mood and that’s not what you need to be doing you need to make a priority Luke List regarding the inflation the food shortages the SHTF 2022 crisis stuff and have a disaster preparedness plan. be sure that you go out and live make great memories life is short and you need to spend your time wisely and this is making a plan taking care of what needs to be taken care of and then live have fun make great memories it will be good for the soul.

How many of you out there have been prepping for a long time? Or maybe prepping for a short time maybe you are a beginner prepper, but all the same we are into preparedness being prepared for the unknown which is most likely to happen as most economists say things are to get worse and preparing for SHTF is fundamental. What many of us preppers have in common and that’s pinball preparedness PREPARED Homestead magic prepper all of these guys are trying to get out awareness get out prepping tips get out survival ideas and keep you informed in the latest news and updates of what’s going on in the world which is not great news, we should together take advantage of this news make great plans on how we’re gonna prepare for SHTF and then make sure that you cut out some time for yourself figure out how you can go have fun and take care of your preps much like I did in this video as the equation of how much we spent on that fun charter fishing trip would equate to what we would spend on the inflated prices at the grocery store, And we made great memories had a ton of fun and still are putting up food, for SHTF.

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