13 Self-Defense Tips That Could Save Your Life

Knowing basic self-defense rules could save your life one day. Hopefully you’ll never have to use any of these tips in real life, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
Remember that a flat open hand can be just as effective in a fight since this type of blow will come as more of a surprise.
If the attackers have used duct tape to tie your hands up, there’s a way out. You can actually tear it apart pretty easily: raise your hands above your head, and then thrust them down with a lot of force. This method will work even if your hands have been bound behind your back.
Remember to hit the attacker as hard and fast as you can. If you take too long deciding what to do or where to aim, your attacker will figure out your intentions and get even madder.
When you were a kid, did you ever play “spies” or make up some code words or even a secret language? If you take your code-writing to the next level, your rescuers could even find out the direction you’ve been taken or the exact place you are. You could invent code words for certain highways or directions and even give secret names to malls or other public areas you can see nearby.
Your purse can serve as a shield from a knife attack, just don’t press it too close to your body. Throw your scarf in the attacker’s face to buy yourself a couple of seconds.

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The right way to make a fist 0:32
If you’ve been tied up 1:12
Remember the most vulnerable spots 2:00
Use safety apps 2:48
Think up a code word 3:16
Use the materials on hand 4:06
Keep your pepper spray in the right place 4:34
If you’ve been grabbed by the wrist 5:06
If you’ve been grabbed by the hair 5:34
If you’ve been grabbed by the neck 6:05
Safety in an elevator 6:21
Safety in a car 6:44
Learn how to give first aid 7:15
Bonus: a few more safety rules you need to know 7:49

-Don’t leave your thumb out, but don’t hide it under your fingers either, otherwise, you could end up breaking it.
-If your hands are being tied together, keep them clenched into fists. If your body is being tied up, take a deep breath in so that your diaphragm expands. The more room that’s left between you and your ties, the better your chances are of escaping.
-Remember that the most vulnerable spots to strike are the eyes, nose, jaw, throat, neck, solar plexus (or the area right below the ribs), the knees, and shins.
-Apps such as Family Locator, bSafe, and others let you track the movements of your friends and relatives or send out a distress signal if necessary.
-If you don’t have a chance to call for help, an encrypted SOS will let your family or friends know you’re in danger. For instance, texting “Don’t worry, I’m alright” could stand for “Help, I’m in danger”.
-Make use of any object that can help.
-Keep pepper spray in your pocket so you can promptly use it and run away.
-If an attacker has grabbed you by the wrist, you can use the “rule of “thumb”. Rotate your hand towards the attacker’s thumb and yank yourself free.
-Grab the attacker’s wrist with both your hands in order to regain control. Then it’s time to make use of your feet again.
-If the attacker has wrapped his fingers around your throat, kick him in the groin or poke his eyes with your fingers.
-Make it a habit to stand with your back to the buttons panel in an elevator.
-If you have to get in a car with strangers, you can pointedly tell someone on the phone or text the car’s license plate, color, and your destination for the driver to see and hear.
-Learn what you should do if someone is bleeding, having a heart attack, has a fracture, strain, or serious burns here: https://brightside.me/inspiration-health/the-illustrated-essential-guide-to-providing-first-aid-156055/
-Always be on guard. Keep your distance. Keep your palms out in front of you. Run.

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